‘Moorland Misery’

Moorland Misery

For this piece I was inspired by a large variety of research into ‘The Moors Murders’, previous sketchbook samples formed from my initial readings, Francis Bacon’s mood and style, Anselm Kiefer’s representations of landscape and Chris Shaw Hughes’s artwork of Saddleworth moor.

To create this piece, I used acrylic paint on black paper applied with a palette knife and paint roller. Applying the individual colours in dots to stain certain areas of the page to later manipulate. I did this by scraping away areas of the paint to reveal the patterns and textures I wanted.

This piece has simplicity to it yet provokes a range of emotions with a darkened atmosphere. I chose to represent the Moors as the finished artwork for my project as it isn’t literally grotesque and wouldn’t offend people yet has deep aspects to the scene as the landscape is symbolic of these two infamous serial killers. From this I was able to provoke emotions to the audience that symbolise the story, whilst showing the realities of what happened without being insensitive. I did this by visually portraying the moorland with a body in the centre and the remains of blood incorporated into the grass.

As a final outcome I believe this piece reflects the history of the Moorland, provoking emotions without being literal or insensitive.

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