Year One - Contextual and Professional Studies

The Studio

Cecily Brown

“My process is really quite organic and starting a painting is one of the best parts for me. I always start in quite a loose and free way. I often put down one ground colour to begin with and then play off that. For the first day or two, everything moves very quickly – sometimes almost too quickly – then there’s often this very protracted middle period of moving things around, changing things, editing.”

Cecily Brown Website

From Cecily Brown’s description of how she creates her works I assume she needs a large working space to loosely apply the paint. Meaning that her studio space will be adapted to her way of working which most possibly is a large room.

Having researched further into Cecily Brown’s studio space I can assess that my assumptions where correct. Reflecting in a larger scale, that all artist’s working studios (whatever location/space) is directly linked to the work they create.

Cecily Brown’s Studio, New York, October 23, 2012

Cecily Brown’s Studio

As previously stated Cecily Brown has a large sized studio, which can be viewed below. The scale of her paintings in relation to the artist, reflects the mass size of her studio which ultimately enables Brown to complete large scale artworks at ease.

Cecily Brown in Her Studio

Rachel Wetzler (Apollo Magazine) on Brown’s Studio:

“Cecily Brown’s studio – an airy, light-filled loft overlooking the bustle of New York’s Union Square – is, at any given moment, home to as many as 50 works in various stages of completion. When I visit one afternoon in July, paintings and drawings of loosely defined figures emerging from energetic arrays of sweeping, abstract strokes seem to line almost every available surface, propped up in stacks against the walls or lying on the floor to dry. In spite of the summer heat, the studio is busy with activity.”

– Apollo Magazine, 3rd November, 2018


Celily Brown appears to use her studio as visual inspiration showing her own artworks and well as a practical way to create her humongous paintings. From observation of her studio she appears to use brushes, paints, palette, tissues, inks, easels, stationary and a trolley. As a result of both of these factors, Brown adapts her studio space to enable the creation of her works to be completed at ease.

My Studio

For my studio I set up the desk in the corner facing the wall so that I wasn’t distracted by the beautiful view yet still able to take inspiration from it. I then attached imagery to my working area from artists work which I am inspired by. These vary from Tracey Emin to Dante Gabriel Rossetti.


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