Year One - Contextual and Professional Studies

Journal Article Review

Visionary Anatomies Exhibition Review – Article

This particular exhibition catalogue was reviewed in the USA 2004 and is now currently an archived exhibition at present. When looking into this article I became interested in the art involved yet while doing so I became intrigued in how the article was written and the elements involved in doing so.

Annotated Article Page

Throughout the article Ione uses quotations from the artist work during the exhibitions to develop her own opinions based upon their work. The author uses this to add context to the visual artworks being viewed. Helping me to realise, that when reviewing exhibitions personally, it would be beneficial to add historical context, societal/cultural influences and quotations to inform my opinions.

Annotated Article Page

I found this article very informative, not necessarily to the exhibition but more so to the way the author wrote her review. I was able to see the context in which her ideas came from as well as how she linked these external factors back into the content of the article. I am very glad I found this article when browsing the online De Montfort University Library and I hope to use similar analytical features when reviewing exhibitions in the future, like Amy Ione.

Ione, Amy, et al. Leonardo, vol. 39, no. 2, 2006, pp. 171–172. JSTOR,

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