Year One - Painting

Large Scale, Greyscale Paintings

30 Minute Expressive Painting Tasks

For these paintings I was inspired by Edvard Munch’s 1894 Melancholy, which I previous shared a blog post on. I chose to focus on this painting for inspiration as I was looking into the concept of ‘Structure’ shown in the current Fine Art Painting project brief.

Project Brief

Edvard Munch’s Meloncholy inspired me to view ‘Structure’ in daily life. The figure in the painting appears very emotional in a negative sense, yet surrounded with beautiful scenery. Forming me to question if a person can feel trapped in a structure of their own emotional, no matter the freeing surroundings they may be within.

First Large Scale Painting (30 Minutes)

I chose to take elements from the original painting, such as: the sky, sea, sand and the figure. Yet explore these ‘Structural’ ideologies in a expressive, more abstract sense. By doing this I was able to create emotion with the paint, I think I was able to connect with the inspiration of the piece which enabled me to create a more coherent set of paintings.

Second Large Scale Painting (30 Minutes)

For this piece I created the same piece in negative colours. I tried to stick to the same shapes and composition of the first piece. However, I wanted to use large brushes and an extended brush to use my body to create the painting the same as the first, to create the authentic emotion and mark makings during the creation.

Collage of Large Scale Paintings

I then created a collage using the best elements of the second painting and attaching them to the first piece. I think the outcome of which made the piece more endearing.

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