Year One - Art History

Giorgio Vasari’s Text on Leonardo da Vinci

What was the impact of this text?

Personally, I think the purpose of this text was to share Vasari’s views on Leonardo da Vinci’s work within the context of the historical time in which he lived. As well as showing how valued Leonardo’s work was and still is to people. The text expresses this by focusing on how sought after his work was by very influential people of the time. I believe this was due to the perfectionism within his work and how brilliant his realistic representations were. Many people viewed his work as very intelligent, reflecting on the intellect of the man himself and how he represented this in his works. Bartolommeo, Leonardo’s brother quoted, “he used often to tell his wife of the great genius of his brother Leonardo, and to pray God to make her worthy to bring forth another Leonardo.”, which Vasari featured in this text. Showing overall how amazing Leonardo de Vinci’s work was/is, reflecting the arts impact from family members, ordinary people to valued members of society. 

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