Year One - Contextual and Professional Studies

Personal work in relation of other artists

Ronald Hunter 1973-present

“Through multiple layers of paint and texture Ronald aims to evoke a sense of depth, of being submerged. The color layers shine through and bring a distinctive appeal, the viewers will see something new every time they look at it. Each painting evokes its own mood through the color composition and texture patterns.” 

– Singulart

I feel I am influenced by this contextual artists way of producing paintings. In some of my pieces I like to apply paint thickly as can be shown is Hunter’s example paintings shown above. When I stumbled across this artists work it reminded me in particular of my May 2020, Moorland Misery. In particular the use of green pigment in contrast to shades and the way in which the paint is applied.

In some ways I still am inspired by this particular artist in my current practise. For instance in Isolated, November 2020 I used the contrast of cold colours to warm colours which is similar to some of this artists work, an example of this is Architectured no. 1.

Henri Matisse

“His mastery of the expressive language of colour and drawing, displayed in a body of work spanning over a half-century, won him recognition as a leading figure in modern art.”

– Tate

I think subconsciously I am largely influenced by Matisse’s use of colours, lines and mark making. Having reviewed my previous paintings in the last few years and my current paintings, I viewed the similarities to his work. I didn’t initially realise his work was an influence to mine but having viewed my work in general I noticed this.

For instance, in my previous paintings I use quite realistic colours in relation to the subject matter and use dark outlines which can be viewed in Wilson, March 2019. Later this influence can also be viewed in Isolated, November 2020 where I use the darker blue to outline the figure.

Henri Matisse’s work features a rhythm in the compositions that are very fluid and beautiful. I feel my work reflects elements of a similar rhythm across the pieces, which can be viewed Koi Carp, October 2019 within the subject matter and composition.


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