Year One - Print Making Fine

Rob Corradetti (Killer Acid)

Killer Acid is a project created by artist Rob Corradetti, specializing in screen prints, T-shirts, and a myriad of mysterious, humorous, and highly detailed psychedelic ephemera. The style is a blend of head shop and punk rock, hearkening back to his tumultuous and technicolor coming of age.

Killer Acid Website

Rob Corradetti is a California-based artist who goes by the business alias of Killed Acid. He is inspired by art movements such as lowbrow, surrealism and psychedelic art. As well as being influenced by Picasso at a young age.

“The work I’m most proud of is more personal and deals with psychology or mental illness in some way. I’ll always throw in a quick pot doodle or two to amuse myself, but that’s low-hanging fruit. Really, my favourite pieces are the big ones that take a while to form, and come from a quieter place deeper down.”

Hop Culture Interview

I am inspired by Rob Corradetti’s artwork due to his ability to use his inspiration to create unique work. I particularly like his use of bright colour choices to produce bold outcomes. The illustrative qualities are very visually appealing to me and I think delving further into his inspiration movements could be beneficial for my upcoming printed project.

I’m particularly intrigued by how nature is reflected throughout his prints and as I want to focus upon nature as a theme for my module. This inspires me to reflect natural elements in a more abstract bright way.


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