Year One - Drawing Term Two

Fakir Musafar

Fakir Musafar is the founder of the Modern Primitives Movement. Fakir’s practices have been shown andFakir Musafar has shown his body play in videos and pictures to show his experiences. His views have been expressed in lots of documentaries and films like 1985 film Dances Sacred & Profane. He also has a website where people can view/inform themselves on this practice and his way of life.

For nine years he published his own photo magazine, Body Play & Modern Primitives, which amassed a large following within the community.

Video from Fakir’s U.K. Torture Garden performance 
2013 KMVT television conversation, Fakir and Alan Ross Hugenot, author of The Death Experience, exchange thoughts about the nature of life in and out of the body.
Fakir Musafar My 60 Years of Body Play

In my opinion I feel like Fakir Musafar created a cult like following which was/is a pretence of an out of body spiritual experience but in reality is just a controversial was to self-mutilate. Yet many believe in the positive results of body play. This practise is related to the BDSM community which allows individuals to experiment in self-mutilation or mutual harm as a form of sexual or individual pleasures so I think it is hard to comment of the experiences of others who partake in these practices. But I feel there is value to the mindset that physical harm is viewed positively largely in contrast to what the rest of society portrays, so this could be worth delving into different mindsets for my visual practise.


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