Year One - Lens Based Media

Photograms – Artist Talk

William Henry Fox Talbot (Photography Pioneer)

“is regarded as the father of photogram. He created many of these images by the placement of leaves and pieces of objects like lace on photo-sensitive paper and later exposing them to the sun.”

Illuminated Negatives

He created first experiments of Lace with paper negative contact. There was issues with this process so he made the Lace wet to increase Lace’s density to form a creative solution to his failed attempts. During his experiments he discovered that using fine line objects rather than large objects created a more refined image.

William Henry Fox Talbot, Lace, 1840s

This type of photography was picked up by influential buyers who expanded the value of this process.

Silhouette Photograms

‘Origin of Painting’ – Relates to origin of Photogram

Jean Baptiste Regnault, Origin of Painting, 1785

Shadows can become so personal – Leaving your shadow behind for a loved one at war.

John Miers, Silhouette of a Man, facing left (proper right), black watercolor or ink bust silhouette with gold color on plaster. 

Prof Lala Meredith Vula

Lala Meredith-Vula is an artist and professor of art and photography at De Montfort University, Leicester, UK. Born in Sarajevo in 1966 to an Albanian father and English mother, she moved to England at an early age, returning to the Balkans, after graduating from Goldsmiths University (1988) and taking part in ‘Freeze’ Damien Hirst’s landmark exhibition, famous for launching the Young British Artists (YBA).

Lala’s Website About

During the artist talk Lala Meredith Vula expressed her inspirations include; Man Ray, Beth Wall, Adam Farcet, Susan Deges, Adam Fuss and Laszlo Moholy-Nagy

Toys Collection

Inspired by Fox Talbot’s ‘Pencil of Nature’, Man Ray’s photograms, Caz Burley’s and Harriet Murray’s experiments and art work. Toys is a series of life size photograms, created by lying models on a roll of photographic paper in the dark room and producing a life size shadow of the body. Featuring toys, children, objects, pregnant mothers and dancers.

Toys Work Statement

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