Year Two - CPS


I currently have contacted people around me who may have access to artist’s that I would be able to interview. I thought that this would be the most effective way to gain opportunities for a response as without direct contact my email requests to artists way not get seen.

My housemate has given me the contact details of her stepmum who is a current artist who practises painting and produces lots of abstract work. She exhibits ….

My grandparents have worked at the University of Leicester and over the years have become friends with or formed acquaintances with a wide variety of people who all career paths. So I thought it was worth asking them if they knew an y artists that I would interview.

Megan Hunter

Megan Hunter is a Leicester based portrait artist, who uses oil paints to create realistic likeness to people who she is portraying. I was fortunate enough for Megan to give me some time to interview her and gain some greater insight into her practise. This video is the edited version of the zoom call we had grasping the main points which we spoke about.

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